Customer guide for using the Junari portal

Last updated: 25 September 2023 at 16:43:21 UTC by Junari Assistant


Junari's unique portal allows you to do all of the following:

  • Log tasks (tickets) which will then be categorised as either a bug, minor change request, agile story (task within your project) or general enquiry

  • Sign off completed tasks

  • Comment on tasks and upload files

  • Monitor / view the latest updates on support tickets, general enquiries and project deliverables

1. Accessing your customer portal

You can access the Junari portal here 

If you do not already have access please contact requesting ingress.  Once granted we will send:

  • A link to the portal

  • Your username

  • Your password

2. Navigating through the support portal 

When you first log onto the portal you will be able to see all the projects you have access to:

Clicking on each of these project or support areas will show you a summary of all tasks within them 


  • Epics are a grouping of project tasks (user stories) with the aim to deliver a specific feature 

  • Tasks are project deliverables or support tickets logged with us 

  • "Tasks to test" are all tasks we have completed that requires your sign off in order to complete the task.

3. Signing off completed tasks

You can use the below button to view user stories that have been completed and are awaiting you to test and sign off:

Click on the project reference to see the task in more detail

Once you have tested the user story you can either

A) Report any feedback you may of had by writing a  response under "Add a Message" and clicking the "Add a Message" button 

You can also attach documents to provide further information. 

B) Sign off a task by clicking "sign off task"

If you have signed off a task you will have a 30 minute grace period in case you have found a reason to not want to approve the task within that time. 

4. Checking for the latest update on a task

By clicking on each task you can see:

- The description of the task 

- Attachments 

- Messages i.e. the latest updates 

6. Logging new tasks (tickets)

Under support tasks you will be able to log new tickets, you can do this by using the button below:

Clicking on this will allow you to enter the details of your ticket, once logged Junari will either categorise this as an agile story, bug, general enquire or minor change request. 

Once finished simply click "create task" and you will be able to see task in the portal