Individual users updating their details

Last updated: 22 November 2023 at 16:44:09 UTC by Finlay Wilson


In terms of what the individual member council users can update, can they update the clerks details and the chairs details on the “your organisation details” area of the portal?


The current logged in portal user (clerk/chair) should be able to update their own information

Portal users permissions are controlled by their Portal Role (set on their contact record)
Each Portal role has a set of permissions (can be seen in Contacts -> Configuration -> Portal Roles)
By default Clerks and Chair roles have the "Organisation ADmin" right which lets them edit and add all contacts in their council record
The lower level of access is Portal: User, which just lets the user edit their own details, looking at the LALC system, no role has this lower level of access at the moment (so everone can edit all contacts in their org)